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Prom Planner

The hub of everything we do, Prom Planner contains so many helpful features for Prom Committees and Students that it’s really worth a visit to the site in and of itself.

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Prom marketing

The marketing arm for all things within National Proms, Prom Marketing showcases a fusion of Prom Planner features as well as marketing program overlays.

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Prom Vendors

An online directory of Prom Vendors for both B2B and B2C, ready to serve the USA and beyond!

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Prom Teen

Prom-focused magazines return with Prom Teen, an online (and maybe occasionally in print) periodical focused 100% on Prom.

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Prom Radio

The world’s first online radio station dedicated to Prom, with talk shows from all the different Prom-centric verticals.

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Prom Committee Expo

An expo-style show for the Prom Committees themselves, with Seminars and Exhibitors for the Prom Committees to benefit from.

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Prom Show

The ultimate prom expo-style trade show for the Prom industry. Students attend, and B2C Exhibitors showcase.

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Win Your Prom

The massive online Prom scavenger hunt, where finding the “Prom Easter Egg” wins prizes for both Student and School!

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Prom Gurl

The world;s first comic book dedicated to Prom. Follow along with our heroine Prom Gurl as she goes from city to city solving Prom problems for teen girls everywhere!

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PrOm Songs

We’re taking it to the dance floor with a series of actual dance tracks dedicated solely to Proms, produced by legendary music producer Chris Cox and others.

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Promfluence turns hyper-local high school influencers into powerful aggregate marketing teams dedicated to spreading the word about the best places to shop for Prom.

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Prom Loyalty

Families can now earn loyalty points redeemable for Prom purchases from participating local retailers, and save money for the big night!

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Prom Court

Extending the Prom Vote feature within Prom Planner, Prom Court is a Reality TV Show dedicated towards choosing a National Prom King and Prom Queen!